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Luke provides affordable audio and video demo reel editing services for actors:

Video Reels

Luke and the client discuss the client's needs for their showreel, then the client pays via PayPal. They send their video material to Luke via Luke converts the material into appropriate formats, corrects any audio glitches, and edits the material into a new reel, including the client's desired contact details, then converts it to the client's desired file format, and transfers it back to the client.


Luke believes that the current industry trend is for showreels of no more than three minutes, without montages or backing music and advises clients as such, but will deliver what the client specifies.

Audio Reels

Once the client makes contact and some initial discussion is had about their wants and needs, the client pays via PayPal. They send their audio material to Luke via Luke edits the material, masters it, adds any desired music and sounds, converts it to the client's desired file format, and sends it back to the client.


Luke suggests several short demos of about a minute each rather than longer ones, as the industry prefers short demos currently, with each aimed at a different type of voice-over work (e.g., commercials, drama, audiobooks, e-learning, etc.).

Current Pricing

Spring Sale!


Audio Reels: £52.50

Video Reels: £52.50

Philosophy and Style

Luke brings professional acting, directing, writing, and dramaturgical experience to his editing, and prides himself on offering sound advice to clients about the presentation of their material in a showreel. Luke aims for a stripped-down style that does not distract with unnecessary effects, keeping the focus on the actor instead. Past clients have appreciated the combination of a director's critical eye with an actor's sensitive appreciation of his client's expectations.

Past Clients

Some previous clients' showreels can be viewed on Luke's Vimeo page.

Selection of Testimonials

"Luke's director's eye meant he gave good advice about how best to present my showreel material for casting professionals."

- James Speakman (Carlisle)

"I had my demo reel made by Luke and I couldn't be more pleased with the final cut. He was courteous, insightful and the turnaround was perfectly tailored to my needs. Very professional."

- Matt Clark (Toronto)

"Thanks so much for bringing my reel up to date! It looks fantastic and with your knowledge of casting, you've made it much more concise and appealing. It's a much more realistic presentation now--casting directors shifting through hundreds of reels a day won't wait until 2 mins in to get my stronger scenes! Great work ironing out the different frame rates and audio kinks too. Can't recommend you highly enough!"

- Antony Jardine (London)

"I can't thank Luke enough for his work on my showreel. He works so fast and I was so impressed with him. I can't recommend him enough."

- Samia Galab (North Yorkshire)

"That's great thank you so much! Like where you chose to cut and the clarity is all there. Like how simplistic it is and you've been very quick so thank you!"

- Kayleigh Ferguson (Edinburgh)

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